gets into a cab only to find someone else already inside AU
out walking their dog who starts chasing after the other person’s dog AU
cat/dog runs away and other person finds it AU
mistaken identity AU
pen pals AU

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you never know when the desire to draw Luna Lovegood is gonna hit you… but it’s useless to fight it.

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I realize how spammy I’ve been, so here’s some art, without the SPAM! 

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One of my favourite shows:


One of my least favourite shows:


Do you see my problem

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In one of my film classes last semester we had to tell a story in 3 pictures for a mini assignment so my friend and I did this

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PTSD: The Soldier’s Diaries

Steve Rogers and his cat|Day 4

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What I said: The general public has been led to believe by success stories like JK Rowling’s that authors are fabulously well-paid for doing a job that’s easy and fun. But stories are always more than they seem to be. Those people who assume that it’s just a little story about wizards are completely missing the point.

What it was reported as: Joanne Harris Criticizes JK Rowling’s Wealth.

For fuck’s sake…


Bloody Torygraph…



so in iron man 2

a little boy in an iron man helmet tries to shoot one of the rampaging suits with his lil toy flight stabilizers

in spider-man 2

a little boy puts on his spiderman suit and stands up against the rhino

that’s great for all the…


mind the glass

So much love for that headcanon that Charles wrote that sign, based on it being a very British phrasing. Charles wrote that sign, and he bought outside-world clothes for Erik because let’s face it, no one else would have done that, and he made sure there was a chess set on that plane, and told himself the whole time that he didn’t give one rat’s *** about Erik Lehnsherr and never wanted to see him again.

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